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We do work on an international scale, however, drone photography ist not available in USA and Canada due to insurance reasons. You can hire us specifically for below projects:

- Hotels & Resorts

- Drone Photography

- Still-Life

- Corporate

- Documentary

Erwin Blase has more than 30 years of experience as a photographer. After starting out in his own studio for still life photography, he went on to follow the calling of international advertising agencies in New York, Paris, London and Barcelona for 15 years.


He worked as a brand strategist for noteworthy global corporations including Gillette, Audi, Henkel, Hyatt and Delta Air Lines. At the end of the 90s he decided to resume self-employment and develop his passion for narrative photography.


The development of Erwin Blase’s own, individual personal concept, visual style and photographic perspective has been at the focus of his career. Masterclasses with Magnum photographers in Brussels and Oslo, as well as workshops with renowned photographers such as Tim Richmond in the UK, Alan Ross in Yosemite (USA) and Greg Gorman in California (USA) have influenced his visual perception and conceptual view of things.


The focus of Erwin Blase’s work is on commercial photography in the tourism industry, but without ever following the mainstream.

Last exhibition was at Contemporary Art in Venice 2021

Find here the corresponding interview:



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