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For tourism and destination marketing this type of photography is a new and very attractive way to address customers and present products. At a glance, hotels and resorts can show their future guests the overall concept or just certain areas, such as villas or sports facilities. Boring diagrams and bleak descriptions are now passé.

There are some important points to remember when choosing suitable partners:


We are approved by the aviation authorities, are licensed commercial drone pilots and are permitted to fly drones with take-off weights of up to 25 kg. With a start weight of 5kg, no further approvals are needed – unless the area that the drone will fly over requires special permission or is restricted in some other manner. Of course, we clarify this with the responsible authorities beforehand.

We have worldwide liability insurance for personal injury and property damage up to €5 million.


We use a DJI Inspire 1 RAW with an extremely high quality ZENMUSE X5R aerial camera that produces high resolution pictures in RAW format. These formats can be completely edited and open up a whole spectrum for subsequent image processing. In the ambitious amateur environment, many drones have an inferior camera and less resolution in jpg format, which does not allow professional editing.


This type of photography requires a high level of abstract thinking regarding the result to be achieved. Looking through the viewfinder, quick series of test photos and changing the perspective at short notice are not possible with drone photography.

Consequently, circling over a project for hours until the desired setting can be found will not produce the required result but will, in most cases, end in disappointment. In other words, the picture composition must first originate in the mind of the photographer, who then uses the drone just as a means to an end.

We are a partner for whom storytelling is not a foreign concept. A script for a photo gallery produced with drones is an indispensable basis so that you don’t end up with a series of aerial photographs that may look pretty but are completely uninspired and will not enthral your customers.

Drone photography requires unconditional precision, perfect preparation and many years of photographic experience. This is the only way that a simple documentation becomes an emotionally captivating picture.

Since we have many years of experience in the creative industry with a focus on tourism, we are your ideal partner in terms of concept and creativity.

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